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Resources for Parents & Kids

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How to teach by example

This is not a comprehensive list but a sample of the skills required of a parent/teacher I encourage you to send me additional ones to be added when the book is updated.

 When I substitute elementary school, I tell children that I never lie.  If I do lie or in my personal life then I forfeit the right to be a role-model. It is NOT do as I say and not as I do. 

 ·         Be Solution Oriented       ·         Give a lot of love

 ·         Be authentic                                   Teach children mindfulness and meditation

Remember as a child you were able to separate the adults in those who love children, adults who tolerate children, nice but not particularly kind, and adults who do not like children and see them as just non-human·     



Family GoNoodle

Chances are your children will already have their favorites 

Family GoNoodle


How to Teach a Child with Autism


Music Education 

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