Mission: To Educate and Advocate for Sustainable Educational Opportunities for all Girls 

      Special Consultative Status to Economic and Social Council of United Nations (2006)

                     New “TIP” Line App to Prevent  Human Trafficking of Children                                         




Our Values


Reaching the most invisible, marginalized, and girls with special needs
Educational Culturally appropriated based local community programs

Gender Justice and Human Rights Approach

Sustainable Educational Development Opportunities

Democratic governance 

Free Expression

Respect for others

Fair-minded in all decisions

Find Common Ground - Shared Values

Ethical Code to do no harm

Research Based Scholar-Practitioner model includes evaluation and monitoring tools that follow the highest standard of ethical guidelines in the collection of data

Global Public Health

Protection of the flora and fauna 

Take action on Climate Change

Local Community and Volunteerism

Respect of Diversity - in order to understand values, structures, and Leadership

Educate and advocate for sustainable educational opportunities for girls from early childhood education to higher education.