Create Sustainable educational developmental opportunities for girls. 

Educate Girls for a Better Tomorrow to advance education and health of girls affected by the cycle of poverty  

To Love Children was founded out of a need to benefit the girl child who are most vulnerable and marginalized with sustainable educational development opportunities. 

A unique  innovative social solutionpartnership of an educational nongovernmental organization with an educational publisher of children's literature 


                                 REBECCA HOUSE        Founded 1985

 Mission: we are the premier provider of children's  literature and education for marginalized girls in the world to create educational opportunities for girls through inspirational, educational, and motivational children's literature, music, art, and social documentaries. 

REBECCA HOUSE  profits create sustainable funding for TO LOVE CHILDREN'S mission 


The partnership of TO LOVE CHILDREN AND REBECCA HOUSE PUBLISHING was created out of a belief that social innovation and social entrepreneurship is a compelling combination to bring new and effective solutions to education for girls from early childhood to higher education.

Our goal is gender equality and gender justice to promote democratic governance, support women as peacemakers, ensure community health from prenatal to adult, create economic, and social development opportunities for girls and young women; free from a fear of climate change,  local wars, and violence against grls and women. 


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Provide for Community Organized  Education & Public Health Programs for Girls

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$25.00 USD educates 50 youth on preventative HIV/AIDs 

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       Celebrating our 13th Year                   Founded July 25, 2002 

               Achieve Higher Standards of Education & Community Public Health  For Girls         

To Love Children Supports United Nations Global Issue on Climate Change