Mission: To Educate and Advocate for Sustainable Educational Opportunities for all Girls 

      Special Consultative Status to Economic and Social Council of United Nations (2006)

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 Healthy & Smart Second Edition 2015

Healthy & Smart HIV/AIDS Prevention Curriculum Program for Youth was conceived as an education tool to effect change through educating local communities to educate youth

concerning the HIV/AIDS risk, and most importantly, how to prevent infection.

Healthy & Smart is a multi-pronged ‘ABCDEF’ approach to behavioral change to prevent transmission of HIV.

 A = Abstinence B = Be Faithful C = Condom D = Drugs, do not take, inject, share needs,

                 E = Empowerment with life skills F = Financial Independence 

"On a trip to Uganda in 2007 I was able to meet young women who contracted HIV/AIDS. I stood there feeling helpless. Soon after I came home and reached out to our Vice President of International Public Health and experts all over the world to develop a Healthy and Smart behaviorial, multidisciplinary and integrated, for youth." 

 Dr David Kenneth Waldman Founder/President/CEO To Love Children

“Healthy and Smart is a game changer because it is founded on using culturally relevant, interactive teaching approaches and focuses on the    holistic skills required to empower and change one’s life.” Margaret E. Meador, MPH,  Vice President; International Public Health

   Second Edition: Community Preventative Health

The goal of the Healthy & Smart Programme is to support  community-based public and global health programmes.

  • UCLA Extension: Humanities & Social Sciences / UCLA Fielding School of Public Health a course based on Healthy & Smart, introduces students to global and public health policy with an in-depth emphasis on the psychology of public health and preventive healthcare. Available in the fall of 2014.     
  •  Healthy & Smart:.  Designed to accommodate in a community, , peer-to-peer, or parent to child in formal or informal settings, the programme’s strengths lie in its short, comprehensive chapters and adaptability.
  •  Healthy & Smart is easy to use, does not require many resources, and can be adapted for use in any, nation, state, or a local community’s need for health education, in any setting, anywhere in the world.
  • Integrated and multidisciplinary educational strategy supports New Public Health .
  • New Second Edition:  Healthy & Smart continues as a work in progress; updates posted on our website reflect the latest research, methods, best practices, and information.  Chapter:  Leadership and Leadership Core Competencies,
  • Alignment with United Nations Governance and Post-2015 Development Framework.  
  •  Healthy & Smart is indispensable learning: for anyone trying to understand the process by which to remain HIV/AIDs free.  The editor’s goal was to justify unmistakably the relationship of critical thinking, mental health education, empowerment of girls, use of creativity, and happiness theory for the practitioner and youth to discuss and implement. 

 The Journal of Global Health Care Systems  Vol 3, No 1 (2013)

Collaborative Methodology for Public Managers and NGO Leaders: Implementing Social Change Policy

Article by Dr David Kenneth Waldman and Margaret Meador MPH