Mission: To Educate and Advocate for Sustainable Educational Opportunities for all Girls 

      Special Consultative Status to Economic and Social Council of United Nations (2006)

                     New “TIP” Line App to Prevent  Human Trafficking of Children                                         




Financial Accountability







To Love Children is impartially governed by a local volunteer board, in order to best meet our mission, listening to local community needs and opportunities. We must, abide by to a stringent set of Nongovernmental standards that focus on democratic governance, ethics, transparency, accountability, financial management, and general best operations practices.

  To Love Children listen to children and youth, women, men, educators, health policy and health systems experts, community leaders, business, the local community, the poorest, marginalized, and invisible populations, disabled populations, national, and local government, civil society, academia, subject matter experts and other institutions that require collective, not just individual, accomplishment.  These social issues range from sustainable educational development from early childhood to higher education for girls and young women, peace and conflict resolution, HIV prevention and community public health, ending violence against girls and women, gender justice, gender equality, and social equity.

 To Love Children solicits and invests in social entrepreneurial business development opportunities, grants, philanthropists. Operating locally throughout the world in an ongoing giving campaign and in the United States where legally registered to raise donations (State of California).  To Love Children works to generate other revenue outside of our giving campaign, protect us for a rainy day with an endowment fund. 

 To Love Children also accepts secure non-cash in-kind resources, and advocates for sound public policy at the United Nations with our Special Consultative Status to Economic and Social Council, along with employing other appropriate strategies in collaborative alliances in order to produce positive social change results.

To Love Children promise, that we will invest in education for the girl child and related programs that get the greatest results. We will measure, evaluate, analyze, and build on outputs/results, not just effort.  We will democratically govern ourselves at the highest degree of ethics, accountability, and transparency.  To Love Children promise is to act Green in all we do to protect the biosphere and to remain one of the most effective nonprofit organizations for the girl child in the world, working to put the maximum amount of resources into the work that changes girls, young women, boys and men’s’ lives and communities.

 There are great nonprofit organizations in which to invest. Your investment in To Love Children is unique because of our ability to mobilize resources and network across sectors, individuals, and institutions in a combined effort.

Our influence and strong relationships with such a varied group of actors help the girl child and local communities most in need.