Advocate Gender Equity & Equality for all girls Through Education  



Special Consultative Status to Economic and Social Council of United Nations (2006)  


Accomplishments and Public Relations

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Major Accomplishments 2019-2025

In partnership with Rebecca House Publishing International; To Love Children is donating 1775 Copies of The Changer by Tatiana Strelkoff and 767 copies of Crystal Moonlight by David Kenneth Waldman to
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Ann Arbor as well as Orchard’s Children’s Services (multiple locations in the Greater Detroit area of Michigan      August 2019


Major Accomplishments 2002-2019

Opened our first Universal African Resource Center and Library in a war zone Gulu, Northern Uganda.

The First Walk for Education World Wide (WEW) in which over 22,000 children and adults in four countries, participated in November 2004 to bring awareness of 121 million children around the world not in school.

Successfully implemented a Micro-Loan Poultry Pilot Program to support our sustainable education development program for girl child education.

Formed a new Information Technology Team

Published the Global Child Journal Premier Edition online and hard

Brought new partners, staff and volunteers together to support our mission and share their expertise as part of our team.

Worked toward and saw an increase in donations to support the financial development of the organization.

Registered as a NGO in Uganda, and opened our first official International office.

Formed new partnerships with many governmental, educational and non governmental leaders to support our mission and the work that we are doing.

Worked with and supported the Kampala Brass Band—Orphans from the pandemic of AIDS who are promoting human rights and HIV/AIDS prevention.  They are now representing To Love Children as they do this important work.
Formed volunteer teams to bring together the expertise that we have from around the world and to share viewpoints and knowledge without boundaries of country or race.  Our teams now include Information Technology, Micro Credit Advisory Board, Global Child Editorial Board, Peace Curriculum, Stress Management Program, Science Curriculum, United Nations Team, Kids Council/Youth Advisory Board, and HIV/AIDS Curriculum

·       Donations to UNICEF to help children effected by Haiyan, purchased school library books for a rural school 
·       Extended our partners to include USAIDS
·       Implemented a successful pilot - Healthy and Smart Prevention Curriculum for Youth
·       Official Sponsor -- Enterprise Holdings
·       Attended United Nations Meetings at High Level Ministerial Meetings Economic and Social Council
·       Strengthened our Board of Directors
·       Uploaded our TLC Youtube with video to promote TLC
·       Created TLC FACEBOOK and Twitter
·       Completed our first Healthy and Smart program implementation in United States in an after school program
·       Numerous missions to Uganda, Kenya
·       Peer review article on Public Managers role in HIV/AIDS prevention published in Global Health Policy Journal 

Library established with ceremony and a separate gift ceremony in India with NGO Shantidhara Social Service Society—serving thousands of people and children.-- 2003

Library established with NGO Empower the Children in Kolkata India in a 1200 all girl school-- 2003

Universal African Resource Center and Library in Uganda and Nigeria being planned and implemented 2004

School supplies given to Rural Reconstruction Society in India and Shantidhara Social Service Society—2003

Poultry Project – micro loan of $4,000 in Uganda to create sustainable educational development--2004

Unreserved support from Deputy Speaker of Parliament in Uganda—Hon Rebecca A. Kadaga--2004

Global Child Journal –our first issue to be published August , 2004

 First Walk for Education Worldwide annual event to be held in November 2004 in Nepal, India, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, USA, Senegal—2004 over 9000 children

Fundraised $18,000 in the first two years

Three person team grant writing team in place 2004

New volunteers in Taiwan, all over the states, Philippines, Uganda, and growing  --2004

Re-Release of the organization newsletter again 2003-2004

Partners with NGO’s in India, Brazil, Nepal, Senegal, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, and pending Zambia by sponsoring a soccer team to support education --2004

Progressive Youth Alliance a group of 10 youth in partnership with TLC--2004

Partnership with Sui Generis Productions we are the Fiscal Sponsor to date fundraised over $1700 for a NGO in Brazil--2004

Established two major programs Speak up Speak out and G.I.R.L. (Girl International Resource Learning Educational Program)—2002-2004

Purchased 375 books to date and at year end project another 350 more not including the educational resources –2003-2004

Sponsored by International Child Art Foundation—2002

Created Youth Advisory Board  -- 2002-2004

Humanitarian aid donated Care Bags Foundation as well as funds—2002-2004 and founder Annie Wignall a teen honorary member of our Youth Advisory Board (

Donation by Wheelchair Ambassadors

First annual volunteer meeting to be held in San Francisco Sept 11 2004-08-01
Awareness of TLC with thousands and thousands of people in at least 9 countries and more each day. Ongoing from 2002

To Love Children Theme song donated to TLC by Founder from his Television show of the same name for three years in 1989-1992 and sung by a two time Tony award winner and voice of the Archies and Sugar Sugar the song  --2002
Ex Uganda Ambassador to France supporting WEW.

Attended CARE National Conference and Celebration and went to Senators offices on Capital Hill to advocate for those who live on less than $1 a day

   Till now we do not know of books other than our class textbooks and today I have seen many wonderful books in our children library and resource center. Hearing this library and resource center is for us I am very much excited.”            

                 (Tamadapu Chinna, a student girl from K. Santhapalem a village in India.)

 “I wish to recognize that TLC 's programs related to HIV/AIDS, support of micro-finance business, etc., are timely and in step with the focus of sustainable educational development in Uganda and Africa as a whole.”

Deputy Speaker of Parliament of the Republic of Uganda Hon Rebecca A. Kadaga

 To Love Children declares that, as a profit-oriented nongovernmental organization creating a sustainable, efficient and 100% accountable organization, our hope is to remain unburdened with using most of our resources, talents and time in raising all of our money from the good will of our donors.  Instead, it is best that we focus on our mission and devote the preponderance of our profits, resources and talents, minus our administration and operating expenses that are reasonable and in line with the highest standards set in the non-profit industry, to channel back our profit for the public good of girl children, people of the developing world and boys in need of educational development and opportunity.


Dr David Kenneth Waldman

An Ambassador to Africa Unidentified in the Global Media

To Love Children Volunteer working in Africa


A person you have never known before:

 Dr David Kenneth Waldman, with To Love Children is really a profound transformation in Africa. He has envisioned a new and emerging determination to move African children (girls) and women forward. This comes after Centuries of stagnation and malaise.

   Through his programs and projects initiated in Uganda and now—Kenya, David Kenneth Waldman provides a more effective means for resolving the problems related to HIV/AIDS, child abuse, water shortage and marginalization of girls, illiteracy and poverty; the list long to draft.  Yet with the aspect and issue of conflict, his Peace Curriculum in partnership with Dalai Lama Foundation, paves away best for Africa's future at current and other generations to appear. Not only those above, but his new project called African Awareness Campaign, we completely realize it being a tool and vehicle that promotes Africa's interests globally.

   In simple descriptive terms of defining David Kenneth Waldman and his organization—To Love Children, is an active leader, social entrepreneur and a man with a vision: bearing solutions to the current problems of the developing countries on the globe, who has sincerely motivated the Africans to get determined in shaping their own destiny through sustainable educational development projects.

   His Entrepreneurial skills embedded in self-sacrifice for the oppressed, encouraged him to courageously and compassionately to establish a Resource Center and Library in the 19 year war torn and devastated region of northern Uganda in the District of Gulu.

   Sincerely, it has become dear and evident that David Kenneth Waldman despite his limited exposure to the global media, through HIS visionary plan and goal-orientation, however, for the African community, has gone beyond the start-up phase, the stage of fragile confidence and is now reaching a level of autonomy and growth, moving from infancy with all its uncertainties and groping, to complete adulthood, with its capacity to face the pleasure as difficulties arise.

  His focus of success will always stand and promote the legacy of African Continent and is where any seed of support rendered to him will never be a concept of failure and theory of success BUT instead a long-lasting mechanism ratifying the Millennium Development Goals of the UN.

   Nevertheless, his hard-earned success also means a major change in the area of support services for developing countries: a movement from an "offer" strategy to one of "demand" reality. And from now on, the development of the Africa means a lot to people who are creative, innovative, compassionate, visionary and active in its borders of location (grass-root) when led by the social, humanitarian, and charitable pioneers like David Kenneth Waldman. 


Presenter of Young Voice Radio  Arun, Uganda  discussed To Love Children Healthy and Smart in the context of an interview on sexual networking among youth on the rise in West Nile, Uganda.   Guests were Samantha & Alan who were born HIV Positive who advocate for a HIV Free generation. They carry the crowns for Mr./Miss Youth 2019 ------ August 2019

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Living your true purpose with Dr David Kenneth Waldman December 15, 2011

 Phoenix Forward Magazine    January 25, 2013 

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