Mission: To Educate and Advocate for Sustainable Educational Opportunities for all Girls 

      Special Consultative Status to Economic and Social Council of United Nations (2006)

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Girl International Resource Learning Educational Program

Girl Child Development
Listening to Community and Children

      To Love Children Educational Foundation International Inc. educates  and advocates for sustainable educational development opportunities for girls. We want to partner with all educational oriented Nongovernmental Organizations, women’s groups; locally, nationally and internationally  in support of the girl child.  

To Love Children want to take the uncertain future many girls in the developing world face every day

To Love Children provide subject matter expertise and contribute to policy making for the Post 2015 Agenda at the United Nations. A core competency is that we take a transdiscplinary community based approach and cooperate, collaborate, and partner with all actors, stakeholders, and sectors including but not limited to: academia, community, local nongovernmental organizations and women groups.

To Love Children create culturally appropriate programs such as Healthy and Smart: An HIV/AIDS Prevention Curriculum for Youth. We take a train the trainer, peer to peer approach and ensure before we launch any program, service, workshop, and or give a lecture it is based on research, the needs of the audience and are peered reviewed to meet the highest standards of excellence.

We attach importance to working with local experts and believe that education is the solution to break the cycle of poverty. To Love Children is primarily an education-based nongovernmental organization which provides evaluation and monitoring, train the trainer workshops as well as educational resources for girls from early childhood to 18 years of age.


To Love Children Solutions 

Music, Dance, & Arts programs   

Advocate for Early childhood to higher education for girls

Embrace culture and find solutions in each culture and not a one size fits all approach

Create Early childhood/science/arts educational development Cornerstone Workshop Programs and Centers

Access to free online University degree programs

Ongoing teacher and volunteer educational professional development

Peace education-conflict resolution and Mental Health workshops for youth

Values and ethics training: gender justice, social justice, and equality

Professional Teacher Development training: A Train the Train program for Literacy, critical thinking, active learning, green technology and development, creativity, social entrepreneurship and innovation, leadership, problem solving workshops

Women Leadership Workshops: Leadership training and opportunities for girls, Community education curriculum programs that build functional literacy for girls and women

Innovation ecosystem to enable a sustainable financial mechanism to support students in development countries to be able to attend higher education

Publish Educational Curriculum Programs and Resources